The Process and Act of Forgiveness

Celebrating Life in Texas

Disclaimer: I am not a theologian, nor a biblical scholar. I share these words based on my personal experience, observations, and faith.

We are all familiar with the phrase, “forgive and forget.” Depending upon the harm done, or lack thereof, the phrase may provide few challenges for us. But as the stakes increase, one or both of these words become harder to apply. For those really hard and painful situations, I have come to believe that the best we can expect to do is to affect a “process” of forgiveness that will continue throughout our lives on earth. In fact, while we might succeed in forgetting the really small stuff, the potential to forget major injustices is difficult if not impossible to achieve. I can think of some situations where forgetting would be a dangerous act that could leave us vulnerable to additional hurts.

As a Christian, forgiveness is one…

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