10 Coping Skills that Will change Your Life

How to cope with depression

Learn to Accept Reality

“Reality” is what we take to be TRUE- What we take to be TRUE is what we believe- What we believe is based upon our perceptions- Whatwe perceive depends upon what we look for- What we look for depends upon what we think- What we think depends upon what we perceive- What we take to be The TRUTH.

The trouble is that all too often we cling to things we hold to be TRUE that simply Are NOT. If you will examine the statement above you will find it is circular in its reasoning.This is actually how the mind thinks things through a lot of the time. Our thoughts circle and circle until we come to what we believe to be TRUE. The trouble with this natural process is that it often produces FALSE “Truth”. Here are some exercises that will help. When we find the…

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The Process and Act of Forgiveness

Celebrating Life in Texas

Disclaimer: I am not a theologian, nor a biblical scholar. I share these words based on my personal experience, observations, and faith.

We are all familiar with the phrase, “forgive and forget.” Depending upon the harm done, or lack thereof, the phrase may provide few challenges for us. But as the stakes increase, one or both of these words become harder to apply. For those really hard and painful situations, I have come to believe that the best we can expect to do is to affect a “process” of forgiveness that will continue throughout our lives on earth. In fact, while we might succeed in forgetting the really small stuff, the potential to forget major injustices is difficult if not impossible to achieve. I can think of some situations where forgetting would be a dangerous act that could leave us vulnerable to additional hurts.

As a Christian, forgiveness is one…

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The neglected duty of private prayer

A Twisted Crown of Thorns ®

IMG_4982.JPGQuoting J.C Ryle on prayer…

We live in days of abounding religious profession. There are more places of public worship than there ever was before. There are more people attending them than there ever was before. And yet in spite of all this public religion, I believe there is a vast neglect of private prayer. It is one of those private transcripts between God and our souls which no eye sees, and therefore one which people are tempted to pass over and leave undone.
I believe that hundreds of thousands never utter a word of prayer at all. They eat. They drink. They sleep. They rise. They go forth to their work. They return to their homes. They breathe God’s air. They travel on God’s earth. They enjoy God’s mercies. They have dying bodies. They have judgment and eternity before them. But they never speak to God. They live like…

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