Qualcomm Buys Massive Palm, iPaq And Bitfone Patent Portfolio From HP


Is Qualcomm preparing for the revival of the personal digital assistant? The San Diego-based Qualcomm just announced that it has acquired 1,400 patents from HP covering Palm, iPaq and Bitfone patents and pending patents.

It’s unclear how many are from each portfolio, but Qualcomm just made a big leap in owning a chunk of patents covering the fundamentals of mobile operating system techniques.

The price of the sale was not released.

When HP purchased Palm in 2010 for $1.2 billion, the move was widely speculated as a patent grab. HP wanted to bulk up on key patents as the computing world was moving increasingly fast towards mobile devices. Qualcomm is seemingly following the same strategy.

Why would Qualcomm want such a massive cache of patents? Beyond the legacy of this portfolio and the importance of any individual patents, it’s all about the numbers. When you’re as large as Qualcomm…

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